Eduardo Belo Soares- Gattot
Founder & CEO

Build a better future to Timor-Leste future, more inclusive, safer, global.
Information technologies work to ensure more opportunities and Knowledge, even in the most remote areas as well.

Our vision is to be the one of the best communications operator in
Timor-Leste, creating the best conditions for economic growth and development.

Our mission is to create superior economic value for our customers through the creation of ISP products, content, innovative services and solutions that fully satisfy the market’s need for innovation and development in the information technology sector.

Our ambition is to promote prosperity and create social, environmental and economic change, achieve process optimization and improve people and organizations’ capabilities.

Our main challenge is, in a determined and consistent way, to offer innovative products and services. Innovation is considered by us as one of the key pillars of sustainability and differentiation in the long term and, therefore, we apply our energy in the exploration of new technological solutions and new forms of communication, always having in mind the interests of the client.