Finding the right technologies for your growing BANDWIDTH needs shouldn’t be a brain drain. After all, you’ve got more important things to think about – like running your business/managing your social accounts. The reality is that the scope of Internet application is growing, making it nearly impossible for you to be satisfied with the speed for so many new hardware and software products.

That’s why you should depend on GARDAMOR NETWORK. Throughout our practical workouts in business we have used our expertise to provide valuable information that will help you take the difficulty out of Internet connectivity. Whether you need a new network, home connection, Business LAN, Graphic Workstation, or an IT/ITES SECTOR connectivity we have knowledgeable staff to aid you in making an appropriate decision for your needs and business type.

  • Providing INTERNET

    We provide INTERNET through radio & Optical fiber

  • Manage network setup & maintains

    We manage complete network setup, network design, Implementation & deployment as per client’s requirement

  • 24*7*365 Technical Support

    We are providing 24*7*365 technical support who ready to give support at any day, any time

  • Low cost transmission

    Our satellite is highly competitive versus existing geosynchronous and inclined orbit satellite systems competing effectively against C–band, Ku– and Ka–band systems. With the additional technical features we present real value for money when compared to existing satellite systems or greenfield fiber deployments.

  • Flexibility

    Pay for what you need now rather than what you may need in the future. By selecting from our services you optimize your bandwidth for your current needs, and can rest assured that you are able to upgrade your service at a later date.

  • Rapid deployment

    Our service can be deployed much faster than fiber infrastructure and can be relocated as demand shifts without the need to lay costly subterranean cables over long distances.

  • Reduce downtime

    No other satellite constellation can provide IP Trunking services with full in–orbit redundancy, combined with fully redundant ground network architecture. You will enjoy exceptional service from our service thanks to a network designed to meet the high service standards demanded by telecommunications operators.

  • Improved service

    Give to our customers the gold standard Internet experience as the news spreads that applications perform better as a result of unique lower latency. Support video, IP VPN, Voice over IP and enterprise applications. Most common web pages will load in a fraction of the usual time, and downloads will be much faster when compared to a normal satellite–based service.